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As an independent business, we have the freedom and flexibility to offer a level of customer care that, quite frankly, is not a common practice in our business. We are proud to offer a reliable, personable approach to our staffing solutions, and apply this dedication to employee and employers alike.

Result - Driven

Result - Driven

Cost savings and customer service are great, but the real value of our staffing solutions is the boost we give to your manufacturing, distribution and clerical operations. By specializing in the aerospace and automotive industries, we are able to focus on staffing your organization with only the most skilled, qualified candidates.



Sick of unannounced price hikes that seem to come out of nowhere? That’s one of the reasons we formed DSSI. We know that companies rely on our service to not only meet their staffing needs but their fiscal commitments. We take that seriously, and always go the distance to maximize the value you receive from our services.

There’s a better way to source skilled staff

At DSSI, we specialize in building unique staffing solutions for each company we partner with to fill open roles in manufacturing, distribution, and other skilled positions.

Our team has developed a candidate pool that will meet your needs whether you are looking for contract workers, a contingent to hire workforce, or a dedicated specialist to join your team directly.

We are committed to providing a skilled workforce and have onsite employee development programs in place to promote retention and growth.

Key Industries

By focusing our services on a few select industries, we are able to staff your organization with the most skilled and qualified candidates available.



Our team staffs specialized automotive component manufacturing or distribution positions locally in Upstate, SC and across the United States.

Production manufacturing

Production and Manufacturing

Through our San Diego Office, we support the production and manufacturing industries with finding qualified candidates at all levels.


Healthcare Staffing

Need staff at your Healthcare Facility? We can source the type of skilled, qualified, and cost-effective candidates that help your organization thrive.


Administrative & Clerical

Improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your office with our pool of expert professional office staff and administrators.

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